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Privacy Policy


Advertise Free respects your privacy.

Advertise does not sell, rent or give any identifiable personal information regarding its members to any third party unless the member has subscribed to such services on his/her own. Any information that you give to us is held with the utmost care and security. Advertise Free will work with our partners, such as advertising agencies, content providers, to bring you relevant information that pertains to your interest categories, and thus some of your information may be shared with such parties. However all companies that we work with will also be bound by our privacy statement. You will never receive any unwanted email or postal mail as a result of information you have given to Advertise Free. And you can opt-out or unsubscribe to any lists or announcement categories at any time by following the procedures set forth by Advertise Free. When you register as a member at Advertise Free, you must submit your name, email address and your website information so that we can properly set up your account and send you the relevant information that you have requested or subscribed to. Advertise Free will not collect any personal information about individuals except when specifically and knowingly provided by such individuals. Examples of such information are name, postal address and email address. Advertise Free may share non-personal aggregate, or summary, information regarding its customers with partners or other third parties, but Advertise Free does not sell or share any information at the individual customer level unless the individual customer has subscribed to receiving such information. By registering as a member at Advertise Free, you agree to accept this privacy policy and are aware that our policy may change at any time. This policy will always be available to users on this page for members to read.